Women’s Ministries

Women's Ministries

Being a woman today means wearing lots of hats. Student, teacher, employee, wife, mother, grandmother: the list goes on and on. We want to support and encourage our women!  It is our desire to disciple and mentor our women to take their Godly place in a secular world.

We know that our women lead busy lives. Currently, we are offering quarterly social/fellowship events for women, including holiday parties, teas and other “night out” activities. We are always looking for great ideas… not that we don’t like potlucks (we have them every fifth Sunday), but we’re looking for fun and creative ideas, so bring your best!

We have a dedicated prayer group that meets every other Monday called “MOMS @ War”. This is open to women of all ages: not just moms or grandmas, but any woman with someone to pray for and wants to learn!  Led by Janis Cheek, MOMs are learning targeted prayer.  The warrior women learn about turning bible verses into prayers of protection, peace, and victory. Coupled with a “War Room” prayer idea, MOMs are learning to stand beside their husbands and families in making the home a “small church.”


If you have a great idea, or would like to be involved somewhere, please let us know here.