Men’s Ministries

Men's Ministries

It is hard to be a Christian man in today’s culture.  Our men’s ministries has a vision: we want to see men become the “priests of the home,” by leading their families to God.  Our men need to be modeling Jesus and godly relationships, and we want to walk with them , and help provide those leadership tools.

Our men meet on the last Saturday of the month for breakfast. Led by Pastor Mike Cheek, the group discusses the sermons from the last month, and looks at them from a man’s perspective.  How do we live godly in the world? How do we stand with and for our families? These discussions often look at topics that are relevant especially to men and the challenges they face.  As with whatever we do, the Highpoint men’s discussions are Word of God based.

We challenge our men to find their niche in the family of God as well as their own homes. Many of our men are involved in various ministries at the church, from music and teaching to “fix-it” positions.  We want to see our people using their talents and skills to build the kingdom!


If you are interested in knowing more about Men’s ministries, please contact us here.